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CA Matter Of Scale is the debut album by Secondo, the moniker for Italian/Serbian electronic artist Radovan Scasascia. Secondo combines cut up disco micro-samples to create new minimal beat driven songs. After several 12″ releases on his own label Dreck Records and also for Soul Jazz this is his first album proper. He also releases music under the name AM/PM. Brilliant stuff!

Secondo – AZ201

ObamaAnd now we can expectantly count down the days until Dubya leaves the White House and is replaced by the first black American president. Time for change. Time for a chance to address some of the biggest challenges and problems facing this interconnected World we live in instead of just creating new ones. The fact that Obama is the first black American to be president is an amazing and historic moment in American history, a society which struggles to shrug off the shackles of a dark past. Obama was clearly the right candidate for the job and neither endemic prejudices, narrow-mindedness nor hate-campaigns prevented him from winning. He ran rings around his Republican oponents. He is intelligent, has a wide ranging knowledge, is a gifted speaker and he comes across as a thoughtful and astute listener, something very much lacking from the previous administration. A sad fact that he now has the most comprehensive security of any President-in-waiting and his victory speech was given behind a screen of bullet-proof glass. A reminder of the invisible layer which still haunts America today. 

Here is his Victory Speech. All sixteen and a half inspiring minutes of it.

It’s that time of year again. As winter rapidly approaches a frosty London (snow in October?), the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. Halloween is here again. Having its origins in the ancient Celtic festival Samhain, it was originally a celebration of the end of harvest. A time when animals were slaughtered and food stocks gathered for winter supplies. It was believed that on October 31st the boundary separating the living and the dead dissolved and the dead became dangerous, spreading sickness and damaging crops. During the festival large bonfires were made into which the bones of slaughtered animals were thrown. Participants wore costumes and masks in an attempt to ward off the evil spirits. 

Time also to remember one of the classic Zombie-horror films, Dawn Of The Dead by George A. Romero. In this brilliant and very funny piece of low budget film-making a small band of survivors are trapped in a huge shopping mall full of the walking undead. Romero is able not only make a very scary film but also to draw some uncomfortable parallels on modern consumer-driven life; the zombies walking wide-eyed around the mall, gentle muzak in the background placating them. The film also features great music by veterans of Italian Horror movie soundtracks and masters of prog-rock, Goblin

Goblin – La Caccia