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CheThe latest film by director Steven Soderbergh about the Argentinian revolutiuonary Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Benedicio Del Toro who stars as Che gives a brilliant performance as the young freedom fighter. (He won best actor at Cannes for his role.) The story follows Che, Fidel Castro and their fellow rebels as they build up an army and fight a guerrilla war in Cuba against the American backed Dictatorship. The film is a kind of gritty “Boy’s Own” adventure; Che and his soldiers trekking through the jungles of Cuba, recruiting peasants, ambushing army troops, you can almost smell the sweat on their exhausted bodies as they hike up through the mountains to their next camp. I can’t say whether it’s historically accurate but the film is beautifully crafted and it cuts nicely between past, present and future, Che plotting the Revolution with Fidel in Mexico, the fighting in Cuba and later as Cuban Ambassador in New York giving a speech at the UN. The film builds in pace and tension as the rebel forces grow and slowly conquer the Government troops. In the end we are left with Che driving towards Havana for the final liberation. I look forward to the seeing the conclusion in Part Two when it comes out next month!