kluteI remember the first time I watched Klute, the classic film noir masterpiece from 1971 starring Jane Fonda (who won a Best Actress Oscar for her role) and Donald Sutherland. It left me speechless and still remains one of my favourite films. Directed by Alan J. Pakula, it was the first in his so called “Paranoia Trilogy” which included The Parallax View and All The President’s Men. The story follows a policeman, John Klute, who travels to New York to investigate the apparent suicide of his friend. Along the way he meets a struggling actress and sometime call girl who helps him and with whom he develops an unlikely relationship. The soundtrack was composed by Michael Small who used subtle haunting melodies to underly the tension and suspense in the film to brilliant effect. The album was released by Harkit Records who specialise in Jazz and Film Soundtracks.

Michael Small – Goldfarb’s Dream