turntableI have done the latest mix for the weekly electronic music podcast – Symbiosis.

Recently I have been going through my crates and finding a lot of gems that were released in the mid 90’s, when I first started DJing and collecting vinyl, a time when different genres were colliding and new ones forming. This podcast features some of my favourites from that era plus a few wild cards too – Enjoy!

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Miles Davis – So What (Studio Sequence 1)
2. Autechre – Overand
3. Gramm – Type Zwei
4. Moondog – Viking I
5. Pan American – Quarry
6. Spring Heel Jack – Galapagos 1 (Remix)
7. DJ Shadow – 89.9 Megamix
8. Antipop Consortium – Cloneman
9. Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)

Download here
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