The new Inch-time EP Aurora has just been released for download. This will be followed by a 12″ version in early 2010.

Here’s what Boomkat had to say “It’s great to find that someone’s still persevering in the field of warm, intimate instrumental electronica; this latest EP from Stefan Panczak’s Inch-time harks back to the glory days of Hobby Industries and Morr Music. On ‘Aurora’, soft jets of hiss, filtered dub-centric beats and minimal basslines drive the action, yielding a melodious lead track that gives way into the lulling semi-ambience of ‘Crystal Visions’. Equally frail and equally lovely, ‘A Handful Of Dust’ channels plucked strings through various plugins while gentle, echo-flecked beats flicker on the fringes of the stereo field. The EP closes after ‘Suspended’s mixture of jazzy glitch-tronics gives way to ‘Aurora In Dub’, an aged, almost vintage sounding take on the lead track. Ace.”

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