For the second song in this series I couldn’t go past Solitude, sung by Bille Holiday. Solitude was written by Duke Ellington in 1934 and has since become a popular jazz standard. When Billie Holiday recorded it she made it her own, the melancholy nature of the song perfectly suiting her fragile, soulful voice.

    In my solitude
    you haunt me
    With reveries
    Of days gone by

    In my solitude
    You taunt me
    With memories
    That never die

    I sit in my chair
    And filled with despair
    There’s no one could be so sad
    With gloom everywhere
    I sit and I stare
    I know that I’ll soon go mad

    In my solitude
    I’m prayin’
    Dear Lord above
    Send back my love

Billie Holiday – Solitude