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australia-wildfires-001As temperatures sored in Southern Australia bushfires raged across the land. Whole towns were razed to the ground and over 170 people dead. Sad to think some of these fires were deliberately lit…

ObamaAnd now we can expectantly count down the days until Dubya leaves the White House and is replaced by the first black American president. Time for change. Time for a chance to address some of the biggest challenges and problems facing this interconnected World we live in instead of just creating new ones. The fact that Obama is the first black American to be president is an amazing and historic moment in American history, a society which struggles to shrug off the shackles of a dark past. Obama was clearly the right candidate for the job and neither endemic prejudices, narrow-mindedness nor hate-campaigns prevented him from winning. He ran rings around his Republican oponents. He is intelligent, has a wide ranging knowledge, is a gifted speaker and he comes across as a thoughtful and astute listener, something very much lacking from the previous administration. A sad fact that he now has the most comprehensive security of any President-in-waiting and his victory speech was given behind a screen of bullet-proof glass. A reminder of the invisible layer which still haunts America today. 

Here is his Victory Speech. All sixteen and a half inspiring minutes of it.

It was a beautiful blue sky autumn morning in Hyde Park. Time for my first half marathon. Along with 12,000 others I anxiously awaited the start. After a quick warm up and a last minute dash to the bushes for a final pit stop we were off. I felt almost like cattle herded into a long line slowly heading towards the start. Pod on, I jogged away confidently, three months of solid training under my belt, running out of the park, past Buckingham Palace and towards Big Ben. Crossing Westminster Bridge I almost felt like stopping and taking a photo, golden light over the Thames. I ran at a steady pace replaying in my mind words of advice from friends not to try and compete with those around you. With so many other runners it was at times quite crowded on the track but everyone was in good cheer and respectful of other runners. As each mile came and went I checked my stopwatch sticking to my plan of 8 minutes to the mile. Finally after 12 miles exhaustion kicked in. Finish line in sight I pressed on until 200 metres from the end adrenalin took over, Trans Am came on the Pod and I made a mad dash for the line! A memorable day and I hope the first of many half marathons to come.

Conspiracy Of The Gods by Trans Am