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On first listening this album really surprised me. Unlike anything else I had heard by Neil Young, Trans featured synthesizers, vocoder effects and drum machines. Released in 1982 it was a bitter pill to swallow for many fans who dismissed it, being a far cry from earlier rock based works. However, it contains some gems, most notably Sample And Hold where NY sings about ordering an android wife “I need a unit to sample and hold, but not the angry one, a new design”

Neil Young – Sample And Hold

A Neil Young album released in 1973 as the follow up to his hugely popular Harvest. Much darker in character, it followed the death of guitarist and friend Danny Whitten and was the first of his so called Doom Trilogy which included the albums Tonight’s The Night and On The Beach. It was only ever released on vinyl and has never been reissued on CD. I managed to find a bootleg download on the web. What can I say? An amazing album consisting entirely of live recordings featuring that classic 70’s NY sound of rock fused with country vocal harmonies and an amazing back up band. The album features eight songs most of which are full band numbers but two solo affairs, Journey Through The Past and Love In Mind. The album finishes with the epic “doom rocker” Last Dance where the song builds up until the whole band sing in unison “No, No, No” over and over, the vocalised despair of Modern Life profoundly expressed before Young launches into another wall of sound guitar solo. An essential addition to any NY fan’s collection. 5/5.

Here’s a taster below – Don’t Be Denied