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Caribou – swim, Brilliant new album which explores more upbeat sounds but with a real organic feel that you would expect from Mr Snaith. The video for the single Odessa is great too!

Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Various Artists, New compilation on Soul Jazz which compiles Krautrock gems from 1972 – 83. Like all Soul Jazz Comps this takes the best songs from the genre, some known, others rare and puts it all together in one brilliant album.

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma, Third album by FlyLo. Easily his best yet. It’s still frenetic but the many guest musicians really help to bring it all together. Guest vocals by Thom Yorke and more… For this album FlyLo extends his beat laden repetoire with great results.

William Basinski – 92982, Four epic ambient pieces from the NY based Basinski recorded one night in 1982. The meloncholic soundtrack to the final days of a Western Empire collapsing, disintegrating…

Autechre – Oversteps, Latest album by the Sheffield duo who need no introduction. For this album, melody comes to the fore and the angular beats are somewhat subdued compared with their last few albums, with good results. Music to get lost in.

Kraftwerk – Computer World, Classic electro album by some of the real innovators of electronic music. From 1981. Every crate should have a copy of this.

Charanjit Singh – Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat, – Proto-techno made in India from 1981. What?? Recently re-released! Shouldn’t work but it does so well!

Breakage – Foundation, New album by Londoner Breakage which seamlessly flows between Jungle, Dubstep, and Grime. Apart from a few tracks midway, it’s a solid album.

The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 – Various Artists, Forget all the fakers, this is the real deal. Minimal Wave gems from the 70’s and 80’s selected by Stones Throw honcho Peanut Butter Wolf.

Yes, this comes a bit late because I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to blog it. But I thought I better sneak it in as I’ve been buying so much great music lately I had to save some room for the April Playlist.

Beach House – Teen Dream, Third album from this American duo which came out in January. I can’t stop listening to the blissful first track “Zebra”, which, in a tragic twist of dyslexic, Freudian lyrical misinterpretation I originally thought they sang “black and white whores, arching among us” but was actually “black and white horse…”. The title of the song should have really given it away. Not the first time I’ve heard lyrics wrong, Cold Chisel spring to mind whose lyrics “Cheap wine and a three day growth” were heard as “Cheap wine and a three day goat”. Think I better take a trip to my analyst… By the way the singer is female. It took me by surprise when I saw the video.

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – Bird, Lake, Objects, New album by Jan Jelinek on his own Faitiche label which finds him collaborating with Japanese Vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita. A beatless, beautiful electronic gem. Great cover too.

Virgo – Virgo, Reissue of a classic Chicago House Music album from Trax Records by creative duo Eric Lewis and Merwyn Sanders (better known as Virgo). Made using minimal equipment to maximal effect. If this doesn’t get you on the dancefloor, nothing will. Check out “Ride” here.

Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain, Classic album by MF Doom under one of his many aliases, released on Sound Ink in 2003. The album starts strong and doesn’t let up the whole way through.

Nine Horses – Snow Borne Sorrow, First album from collaborators David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and Burnt Friedman. Sylvian’s haunting voice holds the songs together which feature stunning production with a sublime mix of jazz and subtle electronics.

Philip Glass – Satyagraha, An Opera by American minimalist composer Philip Glass about the life of Ghandi. I was fortunate enough to see this recently in London thanks to some free tickets. Sublime music which ends with one of the saddest and at the same time uplifting songs you’re ever likely to hear.

Arthur Russell – Another Thought, Collection of previously unreleased material by musical enigma Arthur Russell, who combines electric cello with disco, modern composition and a haunting, ethereal voice to brilliant effect.

Sun O))) & Boris – Altar, I only discovered Japanese hard-rock trio Boris recently after hearing their music on the soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s latest film “The Limits Of Control”. For this collaborative album, the two bands combine well to create some low-end-slow-motion-doom-rock-destruction.

Dr. John, The Night Tripper – Gris-Gris, Brilliant debut album by  Dr. John who fuses New Orleans rhythm & blues with psychedelic rock.

Willie Mitchell – Solid Soul, Like the title says a solid soul album by legend Willie Mitchell who sadly passed away last month. Features stand out track Groovin‘ which was lifted by RZA on the GZA track Liquid Swords.

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind, This came out a few months back. Great 5 track EP similar in sound to Merriweather Post Pavillion, which rewards repeated listening. A highlight is the South American Pan-pipe melody on “Graze

The Necks – Silverwater, The latest epic studio album by Australian group The Necks. Sit back and give yourself an hour to get lost in their transcendental music.

Monolake – Silence, Latest album by the German avant-techno artist and the man behind Ableton Live. It first comes across as rather cold and clinical but there’s a ghost of warm emotions in this machine. Perfect for headphone bliss-out sessions.

Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique, Great second album with impeccable production by The Dust Brothers. Reminds me that Hip Hop isn’t all about Bling and Bravado.

Sonic Youth – Dirty, True SY aficionados may brush this off as one of their more commercial albums but I f*#ckin’ love it. Sugar Kane is a highlight.

Steve Reich – City Life / New York Counterpoint, Two great pieces by composer Steve Reich each about NYC. City Life takes field recordings from the city such as the cry of a newspaper man “Check It Out!” and car horns and combines with an Orchestra. At one point the samples repeating almost sound like some beautiful proto-techno / orchestral fusion.

Sade – Love Deluxe, Some would call this a guilty pleasure. I just call it good music. Restrained musicianship from this three piece give room for Sade Adu’s voice to shine. Pearls is a favourite, about a Somalian woman dying by the roadside. In the chorus she sings “and it hurts like brand new shoes”. Was this an unintentional social commentary on how the only way for a Western person to relate to this poor woman’s misfortunes is to say that is “hurts like brand new shoes”? I don’t know but it works for me.