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hedgehogHedgehog In The Fog is a beautiful short film by the Russian animator Yuriy Norshteyn. The film, made in 1975, tells the story of a hedgehog as he travels to visit his friend Bear Cub to watch the stars. On the way he gets lost in the fog and has a rather amazing little journey. Norstein is famous for his special technique of using mutliple panes of glass at different depths from the camera on which he would place his drawings for the particular scene. The glass can be moved both horiziontally and towards/away from the camera to get a three dimensional effect. Even now in the age of computers and advanced digital animation techniques Norstein continues to use this mechanical technique with hand drawn figures and scenes. His dedication is shown by the fact that he has been working on his latest film The Overcoat since 1981! It is still unfinished today…

Watch the film here